The seminar of OBELIX team is currently held on thursdays 11:30 am, every two weeks, at the IRISA lab, Tohannic campus, room D106 (bat. ENSIBS). Usually, the presentation lasts 30 min and is followed by a discussion with the team.

The seminar is coordinated by Chloé Friguet.

Previous seminars

2019  2019-2020

Upcoming seminars (2019-2020)

  • Date: March, 6 – 11:00 (Friday, extra-seminar)   — CANCELLED
  • Room : D106
  • Speaker:  Vit Vozenilek (Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic – head of the Department of Geoinformatic & vice-president of International Cartographic Association)
  • Title: Relevance of Maps and Cartography
  • Abstract: MAPS as documents for transmission of spatial information and CARTOGRAPHY as a field of science, technology and art of map making and map use are based on spatial thinking and progress of technology. Can we live without maps? How are ICT changing cartography? Where is a boundary between map making and map use?.

  • Date: March, 19
  • Room : D106
  • Speaker: Badie Belmouhcine (post doc IFREMER / IRISA-OBELIX)
  • Title: Generative Adversarial Networks for 3D voxelgrid generation
  • Abstract: Generative Adversarial Networks are successful and powerful generative models, that were applied successfully for many tasks such as image and video generation, style transfer, in-painting, domain adaptation, etc. The generation of 3D shapes is particularly challenging, due to the high dimensional input space and the lack of training data. During my internship in the CNAM, we put forward three improvements of the GAN-based generation of 3D shapes represented as voxel volumes. We first showed that the training of Wasserstein GANs for 3D shape generation can be significantly improved by combining the Gradient Penalty with Spectral Normalization. We also proposed to adapt the model to match the requirement of binary voxel generation, by employing softargmax in the generator. Finally, we modified the cost function to enforce the plane symmetry of the generated objects. The impact of these improvements was supported by qualitative and quantitative results.

  • Date: April, 9
  • Room : D106
  • Speaker:
  • Title:
  • Abstract:

  • Date: April, 30
  • Room : D106
  • Speaker:  Yann Soullard (associate professor in computer science, Univ. Rennes2 / L.E.T.G.)
  • Title: coming soon
  • Abstract: coming soon

  • Date: June, 4 – “science and sport” day
  • Room : Vannes
  • Abstract: annual team appraisal & team cohesion activities around badminton

  • Date: June, 22-26
  • Room : Campus de Tohannic, Vannes (bat. DSEG)
  • Title: Conférences jointes sur l’Apprentissage automatique (CAp) – Reconnaissance des Formes, Image, Apprentissage et Perception (RFIAP)


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