The seminar of OBELIX team is currently held on thursdays 11:30 am, every two weeks, at the IRISA lab, Tohannic campus (bat. ENSIBS). Usually, the presentation lasts 30 min and is followed by a discussion with the team.

The seminar is coordinated by Chloé Friguet. Please contact me for any information.

Previous seminars

2019 / 2019-20 / 2020-21 / 2021-22 / 2022-23

Upcoming seminars (2022-2023)

  • Date: May, 30th – 13h30
  • Speaker: Manal Hamzaoui (Univ. Bretagne-Sud,  PhD. defense)
  • Room: Amphithéâtre 101 – bâtiment DSEG
  • Title: From Euclidean to Hyperbolic Space: Rethinking Hierarchical Classification of Remote Sensing Scene Images.
  • Abstract : Remote sensing images are complex and typically exhibit a hierarchical structure which is often overlooked, particularly in scene classification methods. These methods tend to treat all non-target classes with equal importance, which can lead to severe mistakes when confusion between semantically unrelated classes. By introducing hierarchical information into the learning process, these approaches can provide more coherent predictions. This hierarchical information is often available explicitly via the class hierarchy or implicitly within the data. This thesis therefore focuses on scene classification with hierarchical information. Firstly, we introduce the class hierarchy when training a classifier via a hierarchical loss function. We evaluate its impact in a few-shot setting with hierarchical prototypes defined at each level of the class hierarchy. Experimental results reveal that the class hierarchy is a promising source of information to improve the scene classifier performance. Subsequently, we consider the hyperbolic space as an embedding space as it is better suited to handle data with an underlying hierarchy. We evaluate the approach within two settings: unsupervised and few-shot. The experimental results highlight the potential of the hyperbolic space for scene classification, making it a promising approach for the remote sensing community.

  • Date:
  • Speaker: Taïs Grippa (Postdoctoral researcher in Remote Sensing and Geomatics, ULB, Belgium)
  • Room:
  • Title:
  • Abstract :

  • Date: June, 19th&20th
  • Room: Maison Glaz, in Gavres, near Lorient
  • Title: Seminaire au vert! (Annual team seminar)
  • Program

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