Séminaire au vert – 2019 (Annual team seminar)


Jeudi 11 juillet

  • 9h30: Welcome
  • 10h00: Scientific talks – 15min each
    • Jean-Christophe BURNEL: Reweighted data to generate natural adversarial examples
    • Mathis RACINNE-DIVET: Object based image analysis on time series
    • Javiera CASTILLO NAVARRO: Semi-supervised semantic segmentation for large-scale automated cartography
    • Kilian FATRAS: Wasserstein Adversarial Training for label noise
    • Claire VOREITER: A cycle GAN approach for heterogeneous domain adaptation in land use classification
    • Marc RUßWURM: Early classification for agricultural monitoring from satellite time series
    • François PAINBLANC: A brief introduction to ODE models
  • 13h00: Lunch
  • 14h30: Anne ROCHE & Sylviane BOISADAN – administrative organisation
  • 14h50: On-going and up-comming projects in the team – 10min each
    • CNES Trees (Francois MERCIOL)
    • Game of Trawls (Luc COURTRAI)
    • SEMMACAPE (Minh-Tan PHAM)
    • MATS (Romain TAVENARD)
    • Multiscale (Laetitia CHAPEL)
    • MIA (Nicolas COURTY)
    • MMT (Bharath DAMODARAN)
    • CNES Vehicles (Minh-Tan PHAM)
  • 17h15-19h15: Social event – Les passagers du vent (Sand yachting)
  • 20h00: Dinner – La passerelle (Portivy)

Vendredi 12 juillet

  • 9h30: Scientific talks – 15min each
    • Mathieu LAROZE: Annotation and object detection for environmental surveys with airborne images
    • Titouan VAYER: Sliced Gromov-Wasserstein
    • Florent GUIOTTE: Filtrage et classification de nuage de points sur la base d’attributs morphologiques
    • Caglayan TUNA: Component trees for image sequences and streams
    • Jamila MIFDAL: Hyperspectral and multispectral image fusion
    • Behzad MIRMAHBOUD: Deep learning and hierarchical image representations
    • Pierre GLOAGUEN: Clustering of GPS trajectories
  • 13h00: Lunch
  • 14h30: Activity report of the team (Sébastien LEFEVRE)
  • 15h00: Presentation of tools from INRIA (François MERCIOL)
  • 15h30: The end…

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