Job offers

The OBELIX team always seeks for highly qualified candidates in image analysis and/or machine learning.

Postdoc offers

  • Postdoc/Research engineer position in Deep learning for marine megafauna monitoring from acoustic data
    More information here

PhD offers

  • Détection d’objets dans des séries temporelles d’images satellite (Thèse CIFRE CLS/OBELIX).
    Mots clés: Traitement d’image, représentation hiérarchique, pattern spectra, détection d’objets, séries temporelles
    More information will be communicated.
  • Learning and analyzing spatio-temporal objects from high resolution satellite image time series: Satellites are nowadays capturing images of all emerged surfaces at high spatial, spectral, and temporal resolutions. While the combination of high spatial and temporal resolutions is crucial for many applications, the complexity of the data and the increase in the number of satellite images require new efficient automatic tools. Recent advances have been marked by the use of deep learning techniques. However, these techniques suffer from two main issues: (i) they require a vast amount of high-quality labelled data, and (ii) they ignore previous trends in remote sensing, especially contributions from the object-based image analysis. Ensuring a convergence between these two distinct paradigms would allow embedding more structural and semantic information in the process. Hence, the objective of the Ph.D. is to develop novel deep learning architectures for the generation and the analysis of spatio-temporal objects with no or limited supervision. More information here

Master Internship offers

Currently there is no such offer in Obelix team, but feel free to send a resume if you think you have the skills and interests in our research.

Bachelor Internship offers

Currently there is no such offer in Obelix team, but feel free to send a resume if you think you have the skills and interests in our research.


Recent offers (filled)

List of recent offers showing examples of our research interests

  • [FILLED] Research Engineer/Postdoc offer on Object detection with low supervision: Application to animal monitoring from above/under-water imagery (Expected starting: September 2021). More information: here.
  • [FILLEDMachine learning and causal inference: In artificial intelligence, in many fields of application, statistical learning methods have demonstrated their high level of performance. One of the tasks often performed by this type of method consists in studying the dependence / statistical associations between variables in order to understand the relationship between these explanatory variables and a variable of interest, and to predict this variable from the observation of new individuals. The aim of this research project is to evaluate the performance of machine learning methods through the angle of causality, mainly considering optimal transport strategies. More information here.
  • [FILLED] Research Internship Master 2/Ecole d’Ingénieur: Group variable identification based on the random forests for grouped variable algorithm – expected starting: February/March 2021 (More info : stageM2_rfgv_2020)
  • [FILLED] Research Internship Master 2/Ecole d’Ingénieur: Optimal Transport for novelty and out-of-distribution detection – expected starting: February/March 2021 (More info : stageM2_ot_ood.pdf)
  • [FILLED] Research Internship Master 2/Ecole d’Ingénieur: Causal Statistical Matching with Optimal Transport – expected starting: February/March 2021 (More info : stageM2_causia_2020)
  • Stage R&D Master 2/Ecole d’Ingénieur: Intégration de TRISKELE à OTB –  Période de stage prévue entre février et août 2021 (Plus d’info: stageM2_Triskele_2020)
  • [FILLED] Research Internship Master 2/Ecole d’Ingénieur: Multi-scale graph representation learning for remote sensing image analysis – expected starting: February/March 2021 (More info : stageM2_graph_2020
  • [FILLED] Stage R&D Master M2/Ecole d’Ingénieur: Détection d’animaux marins sur des images aériennes par des méthodes non-supervisées et faiblement supervisées – Date prévue: février/mars 2021 (Plus d’infos : stageM2_semmacape

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