The team is delivering software for image analysis and machine learning, with applications in remote sensing.

Deep Learning for Remote Sensing: pretrained SegNet architecture.

From Nicolas Audebert (PhD student with ONERA/DTIM and IRISA/OBELIX):
Code repository (GitHub) and
CaffeeModel for ISPRS Vaihingen dataset (IR-R-G image).

UTP (see our BIDS 2016 paper for more details).


Uncompress the archive. It contains the C++ code to copy trees (BPT, alpha-tree, …) from C++ to C++/Java/Python.

It does not include the building algorithm tree, so can’t compile the sources.

GraphBPT (see our ISMM 2015 paper for more details).


Uncompress the archive then click on it or use the following command:

java -jar IsmmBpt2015.jar [–help] [-D dataDir] [image]

Github repository

TreeGen (see the GBR 2015 paper for more details).

Contact the author to get access to the tool

Dense Bag-of-Temporal-SIFT-Words (D-BoTSW) for Time Series Classification (see the LNAI 2016 paper for more details).


For more details, please contact the team members.

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