Team members

The team in 2019

Team Leader

Permanent researchers

Associate / external collaborators

  • Thomas Corpetti (DR CNRS, LETG/OSUR)
  • Romain Dambreville (Senior Researcher, WIPSEA)
  • Yann Le Guyadec (Ass. professor, UBS / IUT Vannes)
  • Romain Tavenard (Ass. Professor, University of Rennes 2, LETG/OSUR)


PhD students

  • Javiera Castillo Navarro (with ONERA)
  • Kilian Fatras
  • Iris de Gelis
  • Florent Guiotte
  • Manal Hamzaoui
  • Mathieu Laroze (with WIPSEA)
  • Jamila Mifdal
  • Ahmed Samy Nassar
  • François Painblanc
  • Çaglayan Tuna
  • Titouan Vayer
  • Claire Voreiter
  • Heng Zhang (with ATERMES)

Visiting researchers

  • Anne Osio (PhD student, TU Kenya)
  • Marc Rußwurm (PhD student, TU Munich)


  • Jerôme Moré
  • Jean-Christophe Burnel

Interns and apprenticeship students

  • Gwendal Cachin-Bernard (DUT in Apprenticeship)

Past members

  • Abdullah Al-Dujaili (MSc intern), now Post-doc at MIT
  • Nicolas Audebert (PhD with ONERA), now Ass. Prof at CNAM Paris
  • Pierre Allain (Post Doc)
  • Adeline Bailly (PhD)
  • Petra Bosilj (PhD), now Post-doc at Lincoln University
  • Jean-Christophe Burnel (MSc), now Engineer with OBELIX
  • Alexandre Chojnacki (MSc, ENSTA), now Engineer at DGA
  • Yanwei Cui (PhD), now Data Scientist at Covéa/GMF
  • Pauline Dusseux (PhD)
  • Koustav Ghosal (MSc Intern, IIIT Hyderabad, India)
  • Nehla Ghouaiel (Assistant Professor/ATER, IUT Vannes)
  • Roberto Giudici (PhD)
  • Pierre Gloaguen (Post-doc), now Ass. Prof at AgroParisTech
  • Joseph Guillerey (MSc intern, Insa Rennes)
  • Romain Huet (PhD)
  • Karel Janik (Engineer)
  • Mathieu Laroze (MSc intern, ENSEEIHT), now PhD student with OBELIX
  • Arthur Le Guennec (PhD)
  • Antoine Lefebvre (Post Doc), founder of Kermap
  • Sina Nakhostin (PhD), now Postdoc at Strasbourg University
  • Ahmed Samy Nassar (MSc intern, Nile University, Egypt), now PhD student with OBELIX
  • Anh Quang Nguyen (MSc intern)
  • Onur Tasar (MSc intern, Bilkent University, Turkey), now PhD at INRIA
  • Gong Xing (PhD)
  • Pascal Zille (PhD)

The team in 2013


The team in 2015



The team in 2016

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