The seminar of OBELIX team is currently held on thursdays 11:30 am, every two weeks, at the IRISA lab, Tohannic campus (bat. ENSIBS). Usually, the presentation lasts 30 min and is followed by a discussion with the team.

The seminar is coordinated by Chloé Friguet. Please contact me for any information.

Previous seminars

2019 / 2019-20 / 2020-21 / 2021-22 / 2022-23

Upcoming seminars (2022-2023)

  • Date: March, 23th
  • Speaker: Thomas Lampert, Computer Science researcher, chaire Datascience and Artificial Intelingence, Univ. Strasbourg
  • Room: D003 (ENSIBS)
  • Title: Semi-supervised learning in multi-modal images and time-series
  • Abstract: This talk will present two approaches to semi-supervised learning applied to two distinct data types (remote sensing images and time-series). The first is focussed on domain adaptation, in which classical deep learning approaches come from the computer vision community. These approaches tend to focus on RGB images, with possible inclusion of depth, but what happens when the dimensionality/modality of the data differs between domains? This talk will present our work in this direction. Instead of performing domain adaptation, we focus on domain invariance and explore the problems associated with decoupling the feature encoders from two domains so that they can have different characteristics (resolution, number of bands, imaging modality, etc). A limitation of such ‘supervised’ approaches is that the classes must be defined in advanced, even if only present in one domain. In the second part of the talk, I will therefore present approaches to semi-supervised clustering, in which unlabelled data can be grouped into classes that fulfil a user’s expectations without requiring class definitions at all. This is achieved using pairwise constraints and I will present our advances on integrating them into new time-series representation. This new approach generalises constrained clustering to the inductive setting, enabling the re-use of constraints in new data, thus overcoming the limitations of existing approaches.

  • Date: April, 13th
  • Speaker: Iris De Gelis (Univ. Bretagne-Sud, IRISA & LETG & CNES, PhD. defense)
  • Room:
  • Title:
  • Abstract:

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