The seminar of OBELIX team is currently held on Mondays 11:00 am, every two weeks, at the IRISA lab, Tohannic campus, room D106. Usually, the presentation lasts 30 min and is followed by a discussion with the team.

The seminar is coordinated by Chloé Friguet.

Previous seminars


Upcoming seminars

  • Date: June, 17
  • Room : D106
  • Speaker: Valérie Garès (MCF Statistique, INSA / IRMAR, Rennes)
  • Title: On the use of optimal transportation theory to recode variables and application to database merging
  • Abstract: When databases are constructed from heterogeneous sources, it is not unusual that different encodings are used for the same outcome. This work considers the problem of finding a relevant way to recode a categorical variable before merging two databases. The method is an application of optimal transportation  where we search for a bijective mapping between the distributions of such variable in two databases. Using that common covariates appear in the two databases, the objective is to minimize the expectation of a cost function reflecting a distance measure in the space of the covariates. The first form of the algorithm needs the assumption that the covariates may follow the same distribution in the two databases [1]. We proposed different models stating a novel approach to answer the problem and relaxing this hypothesis. Our different models are compared in a simulation study in different scenarios and are applied to a real dataset.
    Ref: Dimeglio C*, Garès V.*, Kosorok M. R., Guernec G., Fantin R., Lepage B. and Savy N. On the use of optimal transportation theory to merge databases. Application to clinical trials.. En révision.

  • Date: June, 24
  • Room : D106
  • Speaker:
  • Title:
  • Abstract:

  • Date: July, 11 & 12 : Seminaire au vert! in Quiberon 🙂
  • Annual team seminar – program in progress

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